Local products of the area

Salama da sugo also known as Salama Ferrarese
A typical salami made from a mix of pork meats rich in flavour and seasoned with spices and red wine. The product is aged for three or four days hanging from the ceiling in a dry, dark and cool place in order for the round casing to dry.

Salama da tai
The “Salama da tai” is a salami made during winter that has to age at least six months in a country house without any form of heating.
The perfect condition for this product to age is the humid climate typical of the areas around the Po River.
The salami is made by choosing carefully the leanest cuts of adult pork: shoulder and prosciutto. Then they add 30% of pancetta and the fat of the prosciutto ground coarsely. Once the mixture is spread out they add sea salt, freshly ground Indian pepper and freshly crushed garlic left to soak in white wine. The mixture is then kneaded and stuffed into a bladder , previously washed and dipped in vinegar for at least 12 hours.
The salama is then tied from top to bottom and sideways acquiring a round and thick shape similar to that of the “salamina da sugo” and it is ready to be hung up and aged.

Salama Zia
A salami made from pure pork meat, with a long and stocky shape. The name comes from the natural intestines used to contain the stuffing. The salami has to be cut obliquely in order to spread the natural aromas and fragrance of the meat evenly.

Salame all’aglio (garlic salami)
A typical salami from Ferrara rich in flavour and with a strong hint of garlic from the Voghiera area.

Capellacci al ragu, in dialect they are known as “Caplaz”
Hand made pasta with added spices such as ginger and pepper and with a “Violina” pumpkin filling (the name of the pumpkin comes from its shape, very similar to that of a violin).
The etymology of the name “Caplaz” comes from the shape of the pasta that resembles a farmers straw hat known in dialect as “Caplaz”.

A pasta with a meat filling served traditionally in a capon stock.

Pasticcio di maccheroni
Pie made with a sweet (shortcut pastry) or savory (puff pastry) casing filled with seasoned maccheroni, béchamel sauce, white ragout and truffle.

Pampepato or Pampapato Ferrarese
The name comes from the shape of the cake that resembles the hat worn by the Pope.
The mixture is enriched by spices, almonds, hazelnuts, crystallized fruit and covered in dark chocolate.It is a Christmas cake that represents the richness and sophistication of Ferrara. The intense flavour and delicious smell brings back the multitude of traditions and tales of the territory.

Coppia ferrarese
Crunchy or soft, seasoned or low fat, the bread of Ferrara is a merit of italian culinary art since 1536 when it was first made by Cristoforo da Messisbugo, cook of the Estense court, famous for his banquets where they would serve this “bent or twisted” bread to the wealthy guests. Its original shape sets it gracefully apart from the monotonous loaf or bun.
The secret to its flavor is the quality of the water and the raw materials, the amount of humidity in the air, how it is kneaded, how it rises and the right baking temperature.

Riso del Delta (rice of the Delta)
This precious cereal arrived in what is considered the Italian Camargue around the year 1500 and has now been awarded the IGP certification. Every year “Le giornate del riso” (the days of rice) take place around the area.

D.O.C wines of the Bosco Eliceo
The Adriatic coastline of the Province of Ferrara can boast an ancient wine making tradition that increased around the year 1500.
The damp environment, the air and ground saturated with brine, the sea that mitigates the seasons, these are all the basic elements that compose the character of wines like Fortana, Merlot, Sauvignon and Bianco del Bosco Eliceo. These wines have a slightly sapid or salty taste and are ideal accompaniments to meat, pasta and fish dishes.

Celebrations and town fairs





Sagra del bruscandolo – Berra
Festa d’la salama sa tai – Ro
Festa di Primavera e Notte Bianca  – Copparo


Palio di Copparo – Copparo
Festa d’la salama da tai – Ro
Sagra dal Zanin – Ro
Fiera dei SS. Patroni Pietro e Paolo – Copparo
Sagra dei primi piatti – Tamara


Sagra dal Zanin (festa del fagiolo) – Ro
Fiera di San Francesco – Serravalle
Sagra del Somarino – Tresigallo
Fiera di San Apollinare – Tresigallo
Sagra del pollo – Formignana
Sagra di Final di Rero – Final di Rero
Cinema all’aperto – Copparo


Festa Mondiale della Zanzara – Berra
Sagra della Miseria – Ro
Sagra di San Lorenzo Gradizza – Copparo
Cinema all’aperto  – Copparo
Festa dell’anguilla (Sagra di San Rocco) – Saletta di Copparo


Settembre Copparese – Copparo
Sagra della Miseria – Ro
E’ ancora estate – Tresigallo
Sagra di San Martino – Ruina




I Oss dal Maial – Berra
A zzuen al Maial in piaza – Tresigallo


Settembre Copparese

The traditional fair of Copparo held towards the end of September that brings the town center to life with concerts, exhibitions, hobbyist and commercial displays, food and wine, cultural events and much much more.

Palio di Copparo (Renaissance games)

This is a celebration where the 4 quarters of the town challenge each other at flag games and street games. The four “Rioni”(quarters or areas of the town ) are: the Rione Mota, Rione Crusar, Rione Dezima and the Rione Furnas.
This event , after having been interrupted during the 30’s, was reintroduced in 1977 with great success and more and more spectators, year after year. The Palio is done in the main square of Copparo and also features a historical parade of the four quarters in Renaissance costumes.

Sagra dei Primi Piatti:

Held in Tamara in the month of June. This rather recent fair started as an evolution of the Festa del Patrono (Patron Saint celebration) and has an outstanding menu of pasta dishes ( as the name suggests) and a selection of tasty vegan dishes.

Saletta di Copparo – Festa dell’Anguilla – (Sagra di San Rocco) (Eel fair)

Saletta is a graceful village on the axis Ferrara-Copparo that hosts the Eel fair during the second half of the month of August, at the same time as the celebrations for the Patron Saint Rocco.
A wine and food stand is set up near the village parish where visitors can taste, in addition to all the eel based dishes, typical food and local specialities of Ferrara accompanied with delicious wines.

Carnevalata Copparese – FEBRUARY

COPPARO,Streets of the city centre, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Libertà.
The “Carnevalata Copparese” is a recreational event that has been bringing the carnival atmosphere to the streets of the town center for years. The float parade brings joy to the afternoons for both children and adults with toy and sweets throwing from the floats, face painting, piñatas, music , the “Lasagnin” competition for best costume and the final carnival bonfire on Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras.

Info: info@avipcopparo.it

Festa di Primavera e Notte Bianca (Spring festival and white night) – MAY

COPPARO,Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Libertà.
From 1997 this event has been enlivening the main squares and streets of the town. For an entire week during the month of May ComArt organizes a series of events including vintage cars,motorbike and camper van shows and rallies, local craft and ingenuous diy markets. There are also a number of stands promoting local charities and non profit organizations, photography exhibitions and a play area for children. There are various fashion shows, games with prizes, concerts, workshops, all there to promote the territory and solidarity. A food and wine stand is present throughout the whole weekend. The “Notte Bianca” lights up the town centre with shops, music and dances right up to late at night.

Info: comartcopparo@gmail.com

Fiera dei SS. Patroni Pietro e Paolo (Fair of the patron Saints Peter and Paul) – JUNE

Copparo – Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza della Libertà
Held every year during the last weekend of the month of June. It is the celebration of the Patron Saints Peter and Paul with food and wine stands, traveling shows, markets, charities and volounteers, community dinners and solemn mass.

Info: info@avipcopparo.it

Sagra di San Lorenzo Gradizza (Celebration of Saint Lawrence) – AUGUST

Gradizza di Copparo – Field of the parish church
The community of Gradizza, thanks to its many volounteers, offers a long weekend of good food and solidarity during the hot month of August.
Every year visitors can eat delicious dishes prepared by the volounteers in the parish field and later enjoy dances and fun ensured by the entertainment on stage every night.
Info and reservations: 3498652242 – 3293342132

Halloween Copparo “Casa della Paura” (The house of fear) – 31 OCTOBER

Copparo, galleria civica A. Costa
On the night of the 31st of October the “Association dei Rioni” invites you to the “Casa di Halloween”(House of Halloween), a scary and spooky House of Fear set in the Civic Gallery Alda Costa and all its garden. Over 70 extras in costume bring to life the scariest night of the year. This is a charity event and raises money thanks to offers given for chestnuts and mulled wine.
Info: paliodicopparo@gmail.com

Cinema all’aperto (Open air cinema) – July and August

Copparo, courtyard of the Torre Estense
IMMAGINI SOTTO LE STELLE (Pictures under the stars)
On a giant screen you will be able to watch the projections of photos by the Fotoclub “Il Torrione” sponsored by the District.At the Torre della Delizia Estense, in the lawn behind the Town Hall there will also be photographs projected onto giat screens.
Cinema for families
The tower is also a perfect background for screenings of animated films for families and children.

Riva del Po

Sagra di San Martino (Fair of San Martino):

Set in Ruina it offers cultural, social and recreational events for all ages. Visitors can savor local food and wine. This event is possible thanks to the profits of the village fair and of a second Spring festival that is scheduled for April and September.

Sagra mondiale del bruscandolo (World fair of the wild hop bud) – Berra

This fair revolves around the rediscovery of the refined aroma of the wild hop bud, known in dialect as “Bruscandolo”, that tastes a bit like an asparagus, to let people of all ages discover and enjoy this ancient yet simple flavour. The fair takes place in May.

Festa d’Estate (Summer Fair) – Fiera di San Francesco – Serravalle:

The fair in this village on the banks of the Po River celebrates Summer with different kinds of entertainment for all ages: typical food can be eaten, like the “pinzin”(Fried bread dough cooked in lard) accompanied with local cold meats, melon and cold meats, piadine, beer , wine, musical entertainment and Bingo. The event takes place in July.

Sagra della Zanzara (Mosquito festival) – Berra:

Every year around mid August this curious festival occurs, in the name of irony and entertainment seeing as the mosquito is the “Queen” of the festival: there is the “Zanzascienza”(the science of the mosquito) to study its development in all its phases live using microscopes, traps and monitoring its capture. Also visitors will learn ancient and modern techniques to keep mosquitos at bay at the “Stai lontana da me” (stay away from me) and the comic strip contest called “Striscia la Zanzara”. There are also some aptly named games such as: the “Zanzalotto”, “Famm vedar la tavra” (show me the weal or swelling of the insect bite), “Più gratti più vinci” (the more you scratch the more you win), the “Zanzaquiz” and finally the “Sexitavra”(the sexiest insect bite of the evening). And for those who wish to enjoy some excellent local food there is the Zanzasapori every evening.

Ottobre culturale (Cultural October) – Serravalle

A series of photography exhibitions, film screenings, theme nights and special guest speakers organized by the Ente Palio Serravalle.

L’oss dal maial (The pig’s bone) – Berra

This is the closing fair of the year in Berra and is dedicated to pork and in particular to its poorer cuts.It is held in December.


Sagra del Somarino (Donkey meat fair) – Tresigallo

Traditional culinary fair of Tresigallo held towards mid July that focuses on delicious donkey meat and traditional food from Ferrara.

Sagra di Final di Rero

Held in July, this fair is dedicated to the Patron Saint and is famous for its evocative theatrical performance carried out on the banks of the Po of Volano and its fruit salad (known as Macedonia).

E’ ancora estate (Its still Summer)– Tresigallo

Held in September, at the Park of the Sceriffi Ecologici, it is a celebration in amongst nature to sendoff Summer. It is open to everyone and has music, games and refreshments.

Sagra “A zzuèn al maial” … in piaza (“We butcher the pig” in the town square)– Tresigallo

Held in Tresigallo in the month of December, this celebration proposes the ancient rite that used to take place in every farmyard, the killing of the pig and the butchering of its meats. This is an unmissable opportunity to see traditional “ciccioli”(pork scratchings), made in large cauldrons over a live fire , as well as salami, cotechini, coppa, sausages. The meat is ground, kneaded and packed , becoming typical products of the Ferrara tradition. Visitors will also be able to witness the “Salama da Sugo” competition that decides who has made the best artisan Salama da Sugo.

Sagra del Pollo (Chicken fair) – Formignana

Held in Formignana towards the end of July and the start of August, this fair livens up the evenings of the village with food stands where visitors and locals can taste local chicken dishes and the “Pui Pub” that has an “easier” menu with hamburgers, piadine and chips. Entertainment is provided by music and rides for the younger ones.

Fiera di San Apollinare (tresinfesta) – Tresigallo

Held during the first weekend of July, it is the typical country festival of Tresigallo with rides, food stands, local produce stalls, music events and exhibitions.